Development Strategy
Promoting strengths in experience and potential in people and intelligence, VicGroup has strategic orientations as follows:

Develop science-education models, processes and products (curricula, documents) to put into practice to develop a substainable Victoria Education System.


Apply the built models, processes and programs to put into practice in the system of units:

  • Inter-level school system of VicGroup (Primary, Secondary and High School).
  • System of Education Academy: Language – Science – Skills of VicGroup.

Find strategic partners at home and abroad to develop infrastructure for the education system in order to build a strong Vic School and Vic Academy system in Hanoi and other potential big cities. 

In order to implement the above orientations, Vic Group focuses on creativity, seizing opportunities, innovating awareness, making maximum use of capital and human resources and applying advanced technology to develop educational programs, towards the goal of turning Vic Group into a strong comprehensive enterprise in the field of education.


Develop and diversify curricula. Prioritize the development of curricula that have confirmed the quality of international standards and have been successfully applied. Research and develop new curricula updated the trend of the times satisfactory to CCS, CEFR, and Cambridge standards.


Promote marketing activities to promote VicGroup’s brand and educational products in the market. 

Ensure the quality of products always meet international output standards to maintain and develop the brand and market share. Bring into play all resources, promote external activities, joint ventures and association with domestic and foreign partners for the purpose of expanding market share.


Promote technological creativity and innovation in administration, and application of technology to the development of curricula, further promote the application of technology to teaching in schools.


Strictly manage costs, ensure effective use of capital; improve financial capacity, ensure continuous, stable and solid development. Balance own capital and financial leverage to develop close to the actual market situation.