Consulting, building, developing and transferring
educational programs

VicGroup orients the development of education and training in Vietnam in a comprehensive and solid way, realizing the goal of improving people’s knowledge, training human resources, and fostering talents. The Group aims to support the construction and development of programs: Preschool Education; General Education (Primary school, Secondary school and High School); Language Education & Skills Education.

Preschool education

Advantages of the program

The content of the Kindergarten program will be designed by the experts of VicGroup based on the integrated foundation of modern and systematic scientific researches of the American, British and Singaporean preschool education programs with 06 fields of study. Core exercises to help children develop comprehensively:

– Language Art: Through a number of activities to familiarize themselves with literary works, children answer questions, interact with teachers, and interact with friends. From there, children will use their ability to analyze information, practice thinking and critical reasoning in solving problems of individuals and the surrounding environment.

– Math & Science: Children are initially exposed to mathematical and scientific knowledge in a methodical manner. Help children arouse intelligence, have fun, be excited and become “tiny masters” in the eyes of parents.

– Creative Art: Inspiring children to develop their creativity through artistic activities (drawing, dancing, singing, reading poetry, telling stories, acting …)

– Motor Skills: Improve the development of physical health. Organize exercise and play activities to help children have good health, develop motor skills, be more active, agile and confident, best prepare children to confidently enter elementary school.

Emotional and Social Skills: Helps children to communicate, interact and build relationships with people around them, learn to take responsibility for their own actions.

Besides, VicGroup’s Kindergarten Program also has outstanding advantages such as: Building a modern classroom model, dividing into small groups for teachers to interact and support each individual, effective application theory of multiple intelligences into each educational activity; Respecting indigenous cultural values, integrating Vietnamese cultural, linguistic and historical contents; Vic Group also develops its own set of assessment standards based on the child’s own ability, from which there is a suitable roadmap to help children develop compared to their own abilities through each day, each learning project; Encourage parental involvement in the learning process through dedicated parent resources.

Life skills education program

Extracurricular classes are enhanced and smoothly integrated with the natural-social education program. Create the best conditions for each child to develop their talents and freely express their emotions and thoughts. Through educational activities, young children are built with positive thinking, teamwork, self-protection and love for family, community and society.

International learning goals

In VicGroup’s program, each lesson is marked through a different theme, helping children develop a global awareness and achieve a growing sense of self, community and the world around them, as well as inspire positive action and engagement with global issues.

Learning process

Each lesson in the program will have different methods and structures to ensure the child’s learning experience is as stimulating and rigorous as possible.

Outstanding English program

– The English curriculum is designed based on VicGroup’s Kindergarten program with the emphasis on helping children to pronounce their native language correctly, making English a second language in their lives.

– Rich and lively learning material resources are provided free of charge to parents to help support their children at home.

– VicGroup provides a team of native English teachers for preschools, ensuring that children learn English with native teachers, with permanent Vietnamese teaching assistants in the classroom to help children increase their exposure time with English in all learning and fun activities.

Orientation to class 1

A special feature of Vic Group’s preschool education program is that students are focused on equipping themselves with independent skills from the very beginning. Through each step, teachers will help children practice routines and age-appropriate soft skills. These skills will be an important baggage to help children confidently enter grade 1.

VicGroup's responsibilities when consulting and transferring educational programs to partners

– Help the Board of School Managers develop a plan to direct the implementation of the preschool education program and organize the implementation;

– Regularly organize teacher training according to the periodic plan, check and learn lessons for teachers

– Develop plans and support to organize the full implementation of children’s festivals in the year in accordance with the actual conditions of the school and students;

General Education (Primary, Secondary and High School)
Step 1: Build the program

– Analyze and evaluate the General Education program at all 3 levels (Primary, Secondary and High School):

+ Analyze and evaluate the general education program, ensuring the scientific and pedagogical nature.

+ Analyze and evaluate specifically the program of subjects of the general education.

– Determine standards of subject knowledge and skills:

+ Building and designing school programs to follow the load reduction program of the Ministry of Education and Training, to cut down the content that is too difficult, duplicate, not really necessary for students;

+ Review current curriculum and textbook contents to remove old and outdated information; at the same time supplement and update new, relevant and topical information;

+ Restructure and rearrange the teaching content of each subject in the current program according to the orientation of developing students’ capacity into new lessons;

+ Build interdisciplinary integrated topics, convert some teaching contents into educational activities, supplement other necessary educational activities;

+ Develop teaching plans, distribute new programs of subjects and educational activities suitable to students and actual conditions of schools and centers.

+ Perform tests and assessments according to the adjusted teaching content.

Step 2: Test and evaluate

– Vic Group’s team of program advisors will control the implementation, evaluation and updating process to adjust the program appropriately.

Step 3: Consulting, transferring the program to partners

– Vic Group will advise, build and adjust the program for partners based on the school’s development criteria and orientation.

– Vic Group is responsible for consulting and advising the Board of School Managers on plans, development guidelines as well as teaching and learning methods to complete the program in the most methodical way.

Education Language: English

In the language training strategy of VicGroup, English is not only a lively communication mean but also a mean to help Vicsers gain scientific and artistic knowledge. VicGroup orients to train generations of high school students according to the international standard language education program: Developing English as a second language, then developing other foreign languages.

The curriculum and curriculum at VicGroup are built by experts with a lot of time and dedication to achieve high efficiency in a short time, ensuring progress and worth the investment of students. The teaching materials are famous books from prestigious publishers in the world on English training such as Oxford, Cambridge, Pearson, Cengage… The quality of VicGroup’s programs is equivalent to that of leading international schools in Hanoi such as Doan Thi Diem, Nguyen Sieu, Newton, Pascal…

The curriculum is synchronized, throughout the year and grade level, ensuring the output standards from grade 1 to grade 5. Vicsers are comprehensively developed 4 skills of listening – speaking – reading – writing, in parallel with building standards of linguistic knowledge system including English vocabulary, English Literature and English Math…. Students are confident in the process of receiving information, reading comprehension, and solving problems in order to build a solid and substainable knowledge base. Upon completion of Primary school, students can access the Cambridge standard curriculum and can try out linear programs, corresponding to the high-quality international English programs such as Cambridge ESOL and Toefl Primary. At secondary school level, students will meet international standards such as IELTS and TOEFL iBT.

In addition, VicGroup supports students in activities to experience quality exams that follow the curriculum, ready to conquer competitions at School level, City level, National level, International level…

Skills Education

Self-development and nurturing high life values ​​are the central content of advanced educational programs in the world. This is a program to help children develop their own hidden abilities and be able to support and help others develop their abilities. However, our current educational program has not given due attention to this important content.

Vic Group’s Life Values ​​and Personal Development Skills Fostering Program (for Primary level) is built by experts with the mission: “Together to make life better”, with the desire to contribute contribute to the cause of young children’s education, forming for them life values, readiness and a solid foundation to participate in life.

Objectives and approaches to program development

The Program of Fostering Life Values ​​and Personal Development Skills is built on the competency based education (CBE) approach – one of the most advanced program building approaches today, focusing on to the ability to master systems of knowledge, skills, and attitudes and to apply them rationally to successfully carry out tasks that are fit or to effectively solve problems posed by the children’s daily life. Accordingly, the program aims to equip children with the following abilities:

– Mastery of  basic survival skills: child abuse prevention, injury prevention, safe play, seeking help when in danger, giving up healthy living and eating habits harmful, maintain healthy living and eating habits…

– Positive life value orientation: honesty, love, happiness, peace, responsibility, simplicity, respect…

– Forming good social skills: self-service skills, independence, self-control, obedience, politeness, etiquette, good communication, making friends, decision-making and problem-solving skills topics in life situations.

– Exercise emotional intelligence: recognize the students’ and others’ emotions, know how to adjust their own emotions, and initially adjust the emotions of others.

– Having a strong motivation to live: know how to nurture dreams, overcome fear of failure, know how to build reasonable goals and persevere in achieving goals, know how to give up bad habits, create and maintain good habits, focus, confidence.

– Developing a variety of intellectual aspects: mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, musical intelligence, motor intelligence, spatial intelligence – visual, natural intelligence, inner intelligence and intelligence. communication wisdom.

Teaching methods

The Primary School Personal Development and Life Value Fostering Program is applied a teaching approach based on life skills and habit formation theory with the following steps:

– Step 1: Explore, start up activity

– Step 2: Connect, basic operation

– Step 3: Practice, practice activities

– Step 4: Apply and operate the application

– Step 5: Consolidation

Framework for fostering life values ​​and self-development skills at elementary school

The framework of the Program on fostering life values ​​and self-development skills at primary school level is integrated from 05 modules. Each module has different levels, corresponding to the age of the child.:

– Module 1: Living values

– Module 2: Survival skills

– Module 3: Social skills

– Module 4: Emotional intelligence

– Module 5: Motivation

– Module 6: Multiple intelligences.

Consulting, training, developing
educational human resources

Determining that the leadership and teachers are the most important factors in the human resource development of schools, education systems and centers, Vic Group is constantly recruiting potential staff – teachersr:

The management team (Director, Principal, Vice-Principal …) have rich pedagogical experience, are trained in management and leadership skills;

100% of our teachers – office staff are selected to meet and exceed standards according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, professional working style, student-centered.

A team of native teachers is carefully selected, ensuring professional requirements, helping students optimize their advantages when studying with foreign teachers.

Staff (security, kitchen, environment…) are selected from companies, trained and trained.

Consulting, training, support
Education communication

At VicGroup, we have leading experts in the field of communication with in-depth knowledge and long-term experience. With our knowledge, we are always ready to provide package communication services such as advertising and trade promotion to help partners position the educational brand in the market.

Consulting, training to build the culture of schools, academies and educational organizations

VicGroup advises and supports schools, academies, and centers to build cultural regulations based on their own philosophies to affirm their styles, define value systems, and ethical standards with the public. From there, unify and guide the behavior of all members of the School according to the defined values ​​and standards. VicGroup’s culture-building process includes 10 steps as follows:

Step 1: Learn about the environment and factors affecting the school's development strategy;
Step 2: Identify core values ​​as the basis for creating success. Core values ​​must be advanced and suitable for the development of society;
Step 3: Build a vision and orientation to build a school culture, which can create a future culture for the school that is different from the current state;
Step 4: Assess the current situation and identify cultural factors that need to be changed;
Step 5: Focus on researching and proposing solutions to narrow the gap between existing and future cultural values ​​of the school;
Step 6: Identify leadership's role in leading change and developing school culture;
Step 7: Making a detailed and specific plan and action plan, ensuring it is suitable with other time and resource conditions to be able to execute that plan;
Step 8: Consulting, transferring plans and plans to the school leadership as agreed;
Step 9: Train staff and teachers in the school in the form of cultural training, helping to understand their roles, positions, rights and responsibilities in making efforts to participate in the construction and development of the school. new culture for the school;
Step 10: Regularly evaluate the school culture and set new standards and new values ​​of the times; especially learning values ​​that are constantly changing and constantly changing.
Consulting and supporting on Education Communication

– Brand communication: Deploy long-term, medium-term and short-term brand communication; Communication campaigns for events, new products; Consulting on communication strategies for partners from time to time; Communication abroad;

– Marketing communication: Market survey research solutions: investigation, survey of customer needs (parents), secret customers;

– Social Media: Consulting and implementing advertising channels such as Website, Google Ads, Facebook;

– PR articles: Write PR articles and publish them in central and local newspapers, magazines, and electronic newspapers: Dat Viet Newspaper, Education Newspaper, vnexpress, Dan Tri, etc… The number of readers in these information channels will help convey the message of the partner in the most natural and professional way.

– Public relations: Acting as a bridge between schools, teachers and parents, students and society.

– Handling crisis communication: Vic Group’s advantage is having wide press relations, experience in crisis handling, modern information retrieval warning tools, skillful handling methods, bringing information to customers. effective for partners.

Organizing Educational Events

Vic Group has experience and strengths in events that require high organizational capacity such as: Customer conferences, festivals, Gala parties, seminars, seminars, exchanges – interviews, team building , exhibition, education brand promotion. We have a good relationship with television stations (VTC, VTV, Hanoi Television…), press agencies and mass media.

– Ideas & content of scripts for organizing programs, events, exhibitions are designed according to the criteria of creativity, renewal… The book is reasonable and clear.

Designing educational publications

– Design a comprehensive brand identity system: Logo, slogan, backdrop, invitation, standy, banner…

– Design advertising publications such as: Posters, magazines, catalogs, profiles, books, yearbooks, notebooks, document bags…

– Design and structure SEO standard website: video clips, images, information, purpose with creative and attractive content.

Production of television content

– Producing television programs: Newsletters, reportage, documentaries, reality television on education;

– Producing TVCs, trailers, video clips to promote brands, educational products (package or part: ideas, scripts, pre-production, post-production);

– Support the service of recording packages of events, communicating internal events on television or the Internet;

– Support partners to rent television equipment: HD camcorders, flycams with preferential costs.