educational programs
Educational programs
VicSchool's program is a combination of the strengths of 3 educational programs:
1. National core curriculum

Sticking to the orientation of the National Program of the Ministry of Education and Training in the period of educational innovation according to the trend of approaching and developing learners’ competence (CBE – competency based education), selecting materials general and advanced learning of The Publishing House. Education to ensure high quality in basic science education in 3 areas: Language (Vietnamese – Literature), Mathematics Field, Field of Science (Natural – Social).

2. School curriculum

Actively develop school-specific teaching materials (program delivery system, lectures, course outlines, toolkits for assessing input and output standards of subjects for each phase) in order to realize and develop the positive values ​​of the National Program and at the same time highlight the advantages of the School Program.

Curriculum development:

Quantify and qualitatively supplement and improve the contents to ensure the quality of key subjects including: Vietnamese – Literature, Mathematics.

Developing topics, learning projects, interdisciplinary integration in the direction of capacity development:

STEM and STEAM education (integrated science – technology – art education): The Science – Education Council of the School will guide and promote the construction of integrated topics; the learning project combines the basic knowledge of the subjects in the 3 basic educational domains (Language, Math, Science) with the knowledge in the fields of Information Technology and Arts education in order to develop comprehensive competence of students.

Learning topics and projects will be oriented to design the program framework for the entire system and can be changed, upgraded and updated each school year. Change at least 25% of specific activity content each year for each grade and grade level.

Physical education, Art education:

Focus on organizing physical education and art education with all students at the level: students can participate and know how to play, have a passion for at least one sport after finishing 9th grade (Swimming, Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Chess); Students participate in the development of the school’s art programs according to their interests and know how to enjoy the popular arts: theater, cinema, vocals, etc. Physical education and art activities in the school are organized in the form of a club. Each student in a school year can register to participate in 02 Sports or Arts Clubs in the main program.