Introducetion about
Day 9/5
On May 9, 2018, Victoria Education Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (VicGroup) was incorporated with the leading purpose and principle: Building a system of national schools and pioneering educational institutes up to international standards; Training generations of students of VicGroup to gain steady knowledge base, practical capacity, and success in creative working environments.

VicGroup moves towards the goal of implementing a project system of member schools, helping schools to maximize the effectiveness of national and international programs in education development, promotion of school communication projects, and creation of a strong education system. 

VicGroup aims to become a sustainable development education group on the basis of combining the power of science and technology in a modern educational environment but not far from human values and humanistic traditions. With a compact structure, strong financial capacity and effective knowledge-based business management methods, since its inception, VicGroup has affirmed its position in the field of investment in and consultation with the education system building, especially in general education and international cooperation. 

VicGroup always aims at the best educational programs for the purpose of consulting as well as transferring quality educational programs to educational institutions. This has brought economic benefits to customers in the context that Vietnamese education is on the way of innovation and integration with the world. 

For VicGroup, all educational products are built on the following criteria: Knowledge – Creation – Development. This creates the sustainability of the educational and social values ​​that VicGroup brings to the community