Operated by reputable individuals with long experience in the field of education, international cooperation and a large network of international partners in many countries, Vic Group is confident to be able to provide international students with the best quality study abroad consulting services, in accordance with the financial conditions and wishes and goals of international students.

– Consulting for high school, university and graduate study abroad in English-speaking countries such as the US, Australia, Canada, Singapore and European countries (Germany, France)…

– Create opportunities to hunt for scholarships to study abroad from 10% to 100% depending on the academic capacity and financial conditions of the candidate.

With honest, dedicated and experienced consultants, not stopping at ordinary study abroad consulting services, we always offer reasonable and effective solutions for students. As more than a study abroad consulting unit, our goal is to elevate young Vietnamese through each generation of global citizens.

Vic Group has international training cooperation with foreign partners to develop the following areas:

  1. Study abroad consulting services and complete study abroad documents:

– Advice on choosing a school, country, major, cost…

– Output career counseling: Career orientation, accurate identification of future work;

– Support in completing documents: Letter of introduction, notarized translation, consular legalization;

– Support to complete the study abroad procedure: money transfer, insurance purchase, medical examination, air ticket, accommodation arrangement…

– Financial support: Completing financial documents according to the standards of the Embassy;

Training soft skills for international students
  • + Visa interview training skills;
  • + Skills to be independent and integrate into life in the host country, avoiding culture shock;
  • + Learning skills achieve the best results;
  • + Working skills suitable to the field of study and meeting the criteria of the employer;
  • + Arrange pick up and drop off at the airport, Transit point;
  • + Support international students during their studies;
  • + Regularly update information of international students for their families;
  • + Support parents to visit relatives.
2. Study Tour - Summer Camp

In addition to consulting services on study abroad procedures, VicGroup also cooperates with the Education and Training Agency of Victoria (Australia) to build a short-term study abroad program Study Tour with many attractive contents.

The program is aimed at students from 10 to 17 years old, in order to provide them with educational benefits such as improving their English skills, personality training, independence, and supporting them on their journey. become a global citizen.

Program advantages:

The unique and outstanding feature of the program is that students will be able to study and participate in activities at public schools in the host country, be exposed to advanced and effective educational methods, be approach real-life lessons with local students through a program of innovative educational programs. From there, they will discover new ways of thinking, reasoning and problem solving – important skills that support higher learning.

Besides, students learn how to plan their own goals, discover their own strengths, their favorite majors, and can set a clear path for themselves in the future. They will become more active and confident when they are truly exposed to the world’s leading educational institutions.

Choosing Vic Group’s Study Tour summer program, students will experience interesting and useful learning and fun programs:

– To study at public high schools with local students;

– To participate in sports activities after school;

– Full day excursions on weekends at famous places in the city;

– Practice English, study skills, leadership skills, develop confidence and approach new cultures;

– Ready for overnight trips or weekend travel.

The main content of the Study Tour program:

– For elementary and middle school students aged 10 and up.

Groups of 10 – 20 students will be in charge of 1 school (host);

– Groups of 20 or more students will be in charge of 2 or more schools. Each group must be supervised by 1 or 2 adults;

– English classes: Intensive English classes will only have a maximum of 20 students. Links to Victorian State primary and secondary schools: Students will have a combination of English language studies, classes with local students and extra-curricular activities.

– The program is conducted by theme (science and technology, art, sports…) and international students will visit places as well as participate in activities according to that theme. Students can choose 1 theme or combine themes.

– International students will stay with local people’s families (hosts). The landlord must ensure a suitable living environment, prepare 3 meals a day and transport the children from home to school daily. These landlords must have a government-issued work permit or volunteer work with children.

Acquired certificates

At the end of the program, international students will be granted a “Certificate of Participation”.

Extracurricular activities

Participating in Study Tour in Australia, students will have the opportunity to explore Sydney, Melbourne and their surroundings with exciting activities.