Goals - Mission - Vision
Goals - Mission

VicGroup aims to become a sustainable development education group on the basis of combining the power of science and technology in a modern educational environment but not far from human values ​​and humanistic traditions, progress to international cooperation to complete the modern education ecosystem, always associated with practice.


Educate generations of students with good character, bring the best educational experience to students and train generations of Vicsers with a sustainable knowledge base and practical capacity to succeed in their creative working environments and careers.


VicGroup becomes a strong and sustainable education system based on the strength of scientific knowledge and human values.


Vic Group  is one of the companies providing educational services with a team of professionally trained and highly qualified staff.

All members of VicGroup work according to the criteria “Knowledge – Creativity – Success”. This value system is expressed in each work stage and anytime, anywhere at VicGroup. It is this that has created the strength of VicGroup since its inception, in the present and in the future